Our Mission

At Ultimate Soul Escape, we aim to transform every journey into an extraordinary adventure. Our focus is on designing one-of-a-kind, culturally immersive experiences that merge first-class entertainment with opulent getaways. We pledge to offer exceptional service to our customers, making each trip a perfect blend of discovery, enjoyment, and luxury. Our goal is to spark a deep-seated love for exploration in our guests, broaden their cultural horizons, and contribute to creating unforgettable memories that endure forever.

Unveiling the Essence of Ultimate Soul Escape

Meet our vibrant cadre of more than 40 Travel Ambassadors, an eclectic group that includes everything from small business owners to renowned promoters, event orchestrators, franchise proprietors, entrepreneurs, chefs, municipal workers, among others. At the helm is Leslie Jacobs, a steadfast entrepreneur from Queens, New York, with an impressive history of orchestrating a variety of events over the last 20 years.

Our seasoned promotion team boasts a collective experience spanning over a decade, during which they’ve jointly executed a diverse array of events throughout the city. Their portfolio encompasses everything from concerts and daytime festivities to initiatives aimed at empowering youth and women, brunch meet-ups, rooftop parties, comedy nights, charity events, launch celebrations, commemorations of business milestones, nautical excursions, and much more.

Why Choose Ultimate Soul Escape for Your Next Adventure?

Our dedication at Ultimate Soul Escape is unwavering when it comes to providing outstanding service and unparalleled quality. We pledge to offer you exclusive, premium experiences paired with the scenic beauty of the world’s most stunning paradises. This blend of exceptional entertainment in idyllic settings is our hallmark – the unique factor that distinguishes us from the rest.

Leslie Jacobs Interview

Brilliantly Fusing the Art of Travel with Iconic Entertainment

At Ultimate Soul Escape, we’ve established ourselves as the gold standard in extraordinary travel experiences, with a legacy that’s both loud and clear. Spanning over 11 magnificent years, we’ve masterfully crafted over 108 travel events, welcoming more than 2,013 adventurers into moments of unparalleled awe. Our gatherings go beyond the ordinary; they’re monumental, drawing in the elite of the entertainment industry to create experiences that are not just remembered, but revered.

Within the realms of travel and entertainment, Ultimate Soul Escape reigns supreme, showing time and again that we do more than just promise legendary journeys—we make them happen. Every event we put together makes a lasting impression, etching unforgettable experiences directly into the hearts of our travelers.

Themed Events Unleashed: Where Epic Visions Flourish

Our themed events are the epitome of immersive and creative expression, spanning sophisticated white-attire beach soirees, toga, action-packed camouflage adventures, electrifying neon celebrations, and retro blasts from the ’80s and ’90s adorned with iconic accessories like chunky rope chains, bamboo earrings, and Fendi bags with attitude. Our upscale Sneaker Balls, Derby gatherings, additional camouflage revelries, jungle-themed pool parties, nautical, and elegant pastel, sundress, and fedora affairs, not to mention the grandeur of full-scale Carnival costume parties, stand unparalleled. Each event is a deep dive into realms of creativity and ultimate bliss.

Catering to the Grown & Sexy

Right from the start, Ultimate Soul Escape has been all about embracing the sleek and stylish. We’ve got a fabulous mix of folks who all share a love for the good stuff in life.

Get ready for an amazing journey with us—a blend of chic elegance and thrilling adventure, a place where top-notch quality meets sheer bliss, and where you’re sure to make some unforgettable memories. So, welcome aboard Ultimate Soul Escape!



Leslie Jacobs is a dynamic businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Jacobs Agency, a conglomerate that oversees Ultimate Soul Escape, SouLuxe Travel, Lady Diamonds NYC, and Lumé Luxe Luxury Outerwear.

Leslie’s journey began at the renowned global advertising firm, Young and Rubicam (Y&R), where she coordinated major ad campaigns for top-tier clients. At Y&R, she honed her expertise in managing complex projects and excelled in marketing, branding, and business development.

After over two decades at Y&R, Leslie transitioned to a prominent global executive search firm, where she led project management for C-suite placements within Fortune 500 companies. This role reinforced her reputation for outstanding performance and client satisfaction. Recognizing a niche for high-end brand marketing and consultancy, Leslie ventured out to establish The Jacobs Agency.

The Jacobs Agency quickly evolved, adding divisions for international travel, premier events, and luxury goods sales. As an IATA-accredited travel concierge, the award winning agency has crafted memorable experiences across the Americas and continues to expand its reach. Leslie takes pride in creating the “Ultimate Experience” for clients, combining luxurious vacations with top-tier entertainment to produce unforgettable journeys.

Through Lumé Luxe, Leslie has ventured into the luxury fashion world, blending high-end travel with fashion. Lumé Luxe features exquisite furs, shearlings, and leather goods, perfect for adventurers who seek elegance in their travels, whether it’s the snowy streets of Aspen or the alleyways of Paris.

Leslie also leads Lady Diamonds NYC, a prominent all-women promoter team known for their dynamic community involvement.

Actively contributing to the community, Leslie serves on the board of 1WorldFest Global and supports various non-profits aiding children with disabilities. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed; she has received accolades for her contributions to women’s empowerment and community service.

A dedicated mother and grandmother, Leslie treasures her family time, balancing her professional achievements with a rich personal life.





Authentic, Dedicated, Insightful

Shareem “S. Braxton” brings a strong multi-media and broadcasting background to The Lady Diamonds team. As the Director of Communications, she is responsible for developing a comprehensive social media strategy that builds brand recognition and engagement across various digital platforms. Her ability to multi-task and wear many hats is invaluable to the team.

Shareem is a host and emcee, who adds a dose of personality and professionalism to every event.




Enthusiasm, Inspirational, Synergetic

As Assistant Director of Planning and Promotion, Disa is a chief contributor of the Lady Diamonds planning and promotion team as well as the key executive support role to the President. From planning, promotion, and organizational support, her extraordinary networking skills and calm professional demeanor make her the perfect person to engage guests, promote events, build new client relationships and excels at managing event sales.

Disa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.




Trustworthy, Collaborative, Innovative

Sonya is a key aspect that rounds out the Lady Diamonds promotion and design team, and also provides a range of services to the team. As Manager of Promotion and Design, her eye for detail, class and artistic flair allows her to contribute significantly to event concept and design. This natural quality derives from her talent of photography. Her company Ty’Da offers great services to assist parents that want their children in commercials, print or the entertainment arena. Sonya’s jovial spirit is a breath of fresh air to the team as she continues to contribute, evolve, and excel in her abilities, especially her networking skills, promotion and management of event tickets.




Resourceful, Zealous, Diligent

Karen Thompson has been an essential part of our Travel Ambassador Team, previously serving as the dedicated social media manager for Ultimate Soul Escape. She played a vital role in managing the company’s social media presence, creating and curating content, scheduling posts, and monitoring engagement.
In addition to her role at Ultimate Soul Escape, Karen is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a diverse skill set. She operates her preservation business, RIMTLLC, based in the state of Georgia….

In addition to her role at Ultimate Soul Escape, Karen is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a diverse skill set. She operates her preservation business, RIMTLLC, based in the state of Georgia. Furthermore, she is a licensed real estate agent in both Georgia and New York, boasting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Karen’s extensive background in business and real estate brings a wealth of expertise to our team, contributing to the overall success of our endeavors.

What truly sets Karen apart is her unwavering dedication to the Ultimate Soul Escape mission. She has been an integral part of our team, offering her unique perspective and valuable insights. Karen also played an instrumental role in assisting the CEO with budgeting and various aspects of social media management.

The sisterhood shared between Karen, the CEO, and the group leaders, Team Lady Diamonds, is the bedrock of our success. This close-knit bond creates a balanced and harmonious environment where each member’s contributions are not only valued but celebrated and appreciated. Despite the multitude of responsibilities in her life and various businesses, Karen consistently dedicates her time and expertise to our operational preparations, serving as a true testament to her unwavering commitment to our shared vision.

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